While we can provide IT and Telecommunications consultants and/or expert advice to solve your issues anywhere in the world we specialise in assignments in challenging and/or hostile environments.

Whatever task we undertake you can be sure that there is an experienced management team supporting our consultants and ensuring that your requirements and standards are being met at the point of delivery.

This emphasis on quality is a mark of the Black Dog business ethos and is applicable to both Commercial and Military projects. We feel that our success and experience gained in producing results in critical, high pressure situations and environments is due to a thoroughly professional attention to the task at hand through to completion and post project review.

The Black Dog management team and consultants have gained many years experience worldwide including Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Colombia, South Africa, Kuwait, Iraq, Bosnia, Kosovo, United States, Europe, Africa and the Far East.

The Defence Sector

As battlefield technology accelerates and as military operations become more and more prolonged, it is becoming increasingly difficult for Commanders to ensure that key personnel are fully trained and operationally effective in time for active service deployment.

The challenges don’t end with initial training and technical support at the time of deployment – as units rotate over time, there is a requirement to maintain operational continuity and ensure knowledge transfer between military specialists.

Black Dog consultants can provide theatre, mission and technology specific expertise to help expedite and maintain operational effectiveness. Whilst our services are focused on supporting the troops on the ground, we can provide pre-deployment support too.

Consultants can be provided to deliver a range of services

  • Fixed and wireless network planning
  • IT systems configuration
  • Operations and systems administration
  • Coaching for key Communications Officers
  • Project management and subcontractor co-ordination
  • Technician and operator training
  • Equipment installation, maintenance and repair

Commercial Projects

Whether you just want a professional team to ensure that your projects run successfully in a traditional business environment or whether you need to extend your services to an area where you lack expertise and/or experience, Black Dog can help. The combination of “can-do attitude”, “technical expertise” and years of experience “delivering first-class results in hostile environments” makes our consultants the ideal choice for ensuring that customers will meet their telecom and IT business objectives in whatever environment they operate.

However today’s’ trouble spots inevitably develop into tomorrow’s business opportunities – and in order to capitalise on such opportunities some of our customers will want to establish a strong effective in-country presence. Black Dog can supplement existing customer project or operations leadership teams, and we can provide engineers to fulfil the project or run day-to-day operations and maintenance – to enable our customers to realise a “first-mover” competitive advantage.

Black Dog consultants can be provided to deliver a range of services including but not limited by;

  • Fixed and mobile network planning and design
  • Project management and subcontractor co-ordination
  • Network operations management
  • Business operations management
  • Coaching for leaders in hostile environments
  • Site survey
  • Equipment installation, maintenance and repair
  • System configuration

Subject Matter Experts (SME)

Specialist Engineers from the Black Dog stable can provide expertise to supplement your projects and operations in the following areas:

  • Product Design and Integration
  • Medical Electronics
  • Ultra-Sonics
  • Instrumentation
  • Managing Projects in hostile/difficult environments
  • Military Communications
  • Special Forces Communications
  • Military Technical Projects